Southwest Virginia, Will You Be Our Valentine?
February 12, 2018

Southwest Virginia, Will You Be Our Valentine?

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We might not have an Eiffel Tower or gondola rides on the Grand Canal of Venice, but we have the Mill Mountain Star and the Roanoke River. We have walkable neighborhoods with quiet local restaurants and endless views to make your heart flutter. That’s why, this Valentine’s Day, we want to dedicate our hearts to our HomeTowns.

Southwest Virginia, will you be ours?

These are a few of our favorite things about you…

Can’t really think of anything I DON’T like about living in the New River Valley!!!!!!!!!!!! – Deone Shaffer

Colors of the trees in the fall. –Mikki Barranco

I love all of the outdoor events that are held in Roanoke and the surrounding areas!! – Lisa Sowers

The Huckleberry Trail :O) !! – Linda Mountcassell

I love the sound of the bubbling creek and running river that you can find all over the new river valley. – Christina Zaky-Hanks

I LOVE the hiking trails. Especially, the view from the top of McAfee’s Knob. – Sidnee Humphreys

It would have to be the mountains and the small hometown feeling – Jessica Merricks

Definitely the mountains! The best of country life with the beautiful star city close by, and the kindest people I know… Ok, that was more than one, BUT, there are so many great things about the Roanoke Valley… – Denise Swortzel

The mountain views that surround us in the valley! I’m from the Midwest and love going home to visit but that drive home when I get close always melts my heart. – Nicole Crawford

I love the views of the mountains that are visible almost anywhere you go, as well as playing in them! – Mary Hoback

Easy access to trails/mountains, etc. and Smith Mountain Lake – Matt Hubbard

I absolutely love living in the valley because of the views! No matter what season it is, we can see the mountains in every direction, and the colors are gorgeous. The blues in the winter do not quite live up to the breathtaking colors of fall, though. I have lived here my entire life, and I am still in awe every fall. <3 – Taylor Penn

These are a few of my favorite things…the breathtaking sight of the sun coming up over the mountains in the morning. The sound of the neighbors rooster as an alarm clock, time to start the day. The sounds of the cows mooing in the not too far distance, calling to their young to rise up and play. The sight of my horses running and playing in the field as the sun rises. Stepping out into our community of folks that genuinely care about one another. Yep that is why I love my Riner, Virginia. – Deb Funkhouser

I love the deep, rich heritage and history that blesses our state. Virginia has nationally and internationally known people, places and reputation. – Tommy Loflin

Broadly, the combination of great restaurants and shops in a vibrant downtown while still having nature and the outdoors be so accessible. And specifically with regards to restaurants, pastries from Breadcraft, lunches at Nawab, drinks at Lucky, beers at Deschutes, a date night at River & RailFortunato with friends, Tinnell’s wine tastings with neighbors, Wildflour 4th Street for birthdays (carrot cake!), and Alejandros with the family. Can you tell I like to eat? – Carolyn Kiser

Roanoke offers so many kid-friendly activities and they are now right at my fingertips! We have been able to start our children in swimming lessons as early as 8 months old at the Green Ridge Center. Ed Green of Great Beginnings in Salem has taught our oldest the fundamentals of t-ball, football and now basketball and we begin soccer in March! – Kelly Wilson

Mountains!!! – Cindy Yoder

Green Hill Park is my personal favorite!!! – Marissa Lahouse

I love the mountains for hiking, the greenways for biking and the rivers for kayaking. Such much to do here, see here, love here. – Tamara Spradlin