We’re known for our top-notch, personalized customer service. That doesn’t stop at the branch. Below, you can find helpful tutorials on our new digital banking upgrades, discover new calculators to help you plan and budget, and hear customers tell their stories.

Personal Online Banking

HomeTown Bank's powerful online banking platform allows you to access the same great service you receive from our tellers, right at your finger tips. You can check your balance, view recent transactions, pay your bills, set up alerts, and access our personal finance management tool anytime, anywhere. Take a tour of our online banking platform with this tutorial!

Online Bill Pay

We make managing your money even easier with our online bill pay service. You can conveniently schedule and pay all your bills online in a secure environment through our online banking site. You can pay anyone from your babysitter to a Fortune 500 company. Set up reminders, automatic payments, or elect to receive eBills to help stay on top of your payments. Plus it's completely safe, easier and more secure than mailing paper checks. See how it works with our helpful tutorial.

Mobile Banking

Banking The convenience of HomeTown Bank is available anytime, anywhere with HomeTown Mobile Banking. Our mobile site and smartphone Apps with features to manage your card, receive text alerts, and pay bills, make managing your cash flow simple with just a few swipes on your screen. Best of all, it’s free, safe, and secure thanks to multiple layers of authentication. Search HTB Mobile for iPhone in the App Store or HTB Mobile in Google Play.

Mobile Deposit

When you need to make a deposit and can't make it by a branch, HomeTown's Mobile Deposit can help. After enrolling in Mobile Deposit, you can simply use our app to take a snapshot of your check and the funds will deposit to your selected account, saving you a trip to a branch! Watch our mobile banking tutorial to see how.

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CardValet® Card Management

CardValet® allows you to turn your debit card "on" or "off" anytime. When they’re “off", nobody will be able to use your cards. Turn them “on” when you’re ready to use them to help safeguard your cards from fraud. You can define areas where your card can be used, set dollar limits, limit purchases by type of merchant giving you complete control over your debit card.


Sending money to your family and friends is much safer and simpler with our PopMoney personal payment service. With an email address or mobile phone number, you can electronically transfer money from your account directly to theirs with a few simple clicks. See how it works?

Overdraft Protection

Our overdraft protection options provide our customers with the flexibility to use their accounts with confidence. You can connect your checking account to a savings account or personal line of credit in order to avoid any overdraft fees if your balance gets too low. As an alternative, you may also authorize us to allow transactions at a retailer or ATM even when there's not enough money in your account. In this case, you would be allowed to complete your purchase but an overdraft fee will apply.

Mobile Wallet

Mobile Payments like Apple Pay are designed with security and convenience in mind. Your phone essentially becomes your wallet and when you make a payment, your card numbers are converted to a unique, transaction-specific code so your card numbers aren’t transmitted with the payment or shared with the merchant.

EMV Chip Protection

Tiny chip, big protection. The latest security technology embeds a microchip into your card to store and protect your consumer data, keeping you shielded from identity theft.

Online Business Banking

Though we love to see our customers, we realize sometimes things are too busy to stop by our branches. Managing your accounts is fast, simple, and secure with HomeTown Bank's online banking. Paired with our treasury and cash management services, you can manage your cash flow with ease with ACH origination, wire transfers, Remote Deposit Capture, Positive Pay and more. Take a tour of our online banking platform with this tutorial!

Wire Manager

When you need to send and receive money quickly and securely, our electronic wire transfer service is the best way to make sure payments are transferred in a timely manner.

ACH Manager

Pay anyone, anytime. Automated clearing house transactions are an effective way to handle payroll, cash concentration, disbursements, and collections. HomeTown's system makes this service easy to use, accurate and secure.

Remote Deposit Capture

Though we love to see your smiling face, you may never have to step foot in one of our branches again with our convenient remote deposit capture service. Prepare and submit deposits electronically from your office at your convenience.

NACHA Operating Rules Updates

Each company utilizing HomeTown Bank’s online banking system for ACH transactions must comply with the NACHA Operating Rules. The National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) governs the ACH network and all participants of the ACH network must comply with these rules. We’ve summarized recent changes to the rules at the link below.

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The Roanoker,
Customer since 2011

Butch Craft, Owner of the Roanoker Restaurant appreciates the HomeTown service she receives at HomeTown Bank.

Dr. Bruce Nussbaum,
Customer since 2009

Dr. Nussbaum enjoys the convenience of HomeTown Bank. Using online banking and hte mobile app, he likes that he can bank anywhere, anytime.

Yellow Cab Co.,
Customer since 2010

The owners of Yellow Cab rely on HomeTown Bank for the responsive service and local decision making in order to help their business keep moving.

Beth Deel,
Customer since 2006

Beth Deel likes that people know her name when she visits HomeTown Bank and also that the bank has more convenient hours.

Customer since 2008

Quinn Mongan of Servpro in Salem switched to HomeTown Bank for an easier banking experience.

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