Personal Savings

Personal Savings

We enjoy celebrating each and every milestone with our customers. That’s why we’ve provided savings accounts to help your money grow along with you. Discover new ways to save through our simplest savings account or one of our goal-oriented accounts.

Acorn & Oak Savings

A simple account for anyone looking to sow the seeds for a bright financial future. Get started with a $25 deposit and watch your balance grow with our premium variable interest rates. Your monthly service charge of $5 waived with a $200 balance.

Goal Setter Savings

This savings account is perfect for the go-getters. Saving for a vacation? Or just a rainy day? Our Goal Setter savings account makes building your savings quick and painless with a scheduled automatic draft (minimum of $5) from your linked checking account. A monthly service charge of $5 waived with a $100 balance.

Personal Money Market

Boost your return on your money with our competitive interest rates that scale up with your balance. Our tiered interest rate structure pays you more the more you save. All you need is $100 to get started and watch your money grow and your monthly service charge of $10 waived with a $2,500 balance.

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HomeTown Bank Benefits


Set up customized alerts for any of your HomeTown Bank accounts. You can elect to receive them via text, email, or online banking to alert you of low balances, transfers, deposits, and more. Or you can also receive basic account information via text. You can securely look up your account balances or request to by notified when your balance is low by sending a text command to HomeTown Bank.

Automatic Drafting

When linked to your checking account, you can boost your savings without a second thought. Simply program a certain amount to be transferred each month and watch your balance grow.

Personal Finance Management

Our personal finance management platform allows you to link your HomeTown Bank accounts with other financial accounts for a simple, secure way to get a full picture of your financial status. With just one log in, you can see the status of your accounts, set categories for income and expenses, track spending across accounts, and set financial goals.

Overdraft Protection

Our overdraft protection options provide our customers with the peace of mind they need to use their accounts with confidence. When you connect a savings account to your checking account, you can rest assured that if by chance your balance is too low for a transaction, you'll be safe from a denied payment or overdraft fee.

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