Kid’s Banking

Planting the seeds of healthy financial habits early can leave your kids reaping the benefits for a lifetime. We recognize the importance of teaching children and teens about the importance of saving money. That’s why HomeTown Bank has created dedicated accounts for those looking to get started early.

Teen Advantage Savings

Show your teen how easy and rewarding it is to save for major life goals with the help of a local bank. Our competitive interest rates give them the extra motivation to keep them active in their own financial fitness. Start up a teen savings account for just $10 and they'll be well on their way to saving for their first car or semester in college!

Just like our other savings accounts, we offer no monthly fees, unlimited deposits & in person withdrawals, and a free HomeTown Bank ATM card.

HTB Kids' Club Savings

Lay the foundation for your child's future with early education in money management. Our Kid’s Saving Account is set up to make saving fun for anyone 12 and under. Every account comes with a HTB Kid's Club Membership card, a Free Homer the Pig Piggy Bank so they can prep their deposits ahead of time, a savings activity book, and savings passbook to track their savings.

Bring them in with $10 and they'll have access to our online banking resources, unlimited deposits & in-person withdrawals, and no worries about service fees. Plus with coin counting machines at many of our branches, kids will enjoy bringing their piggy banks in and watching their pennies add up.

Free Checking

If you're looking to start your teen or young adult off with a simple checking account to teach them the value of personal financial management, our Totally Free Checking is the perfect fit. With only $50 needed to open, they'll learn the basics of a checking account, from making a deposit to checking their balance online. Find out more on our Personal Checking page!