Personal Banking

Personal Banking

People you know, products you expect.

A friendly face. A welcoming smile. That’s how we do banking at HomeTown Bank.

We believe banking is a relationship, not a transaction. Our experienced bankers will work with you to help you find the right bank account for you. With a variety of accounts based on your lifestyle, there's truly something for everyone. Our personalized services, customer-focused values, and easy digital banking features, you'll quickly see why it's good to be home.

HomeTown Bank Benefits

Online Banking

HomeTown Bank's powerful online banking platform allows you to access the same information you receive from our tellers, right at your finger tips. Manage your accounts, set up your Bill Pay, and access our personal finance management tool anytime, anywhere. Take a tour of our online banking platform with this tutorial!

Pop Money

Sending money to your family and friends is much safer and simpler with our PopMoney personal payment service. With an email address or mobile phone number, you can easily transfer money from your account directly to theirs with a few simple clicks. See how it works.

Mobile Banking

The convenience of HomeTown Bank is available anytime, anywhere with HomeTown Mobile Banking. Our mobile site, smartphone app, and special features like text alerts and Apple Pay make managing your cashflow simple with just a few swipes on your screen. Best of all, it’s free, safe, and secure!

Mobile Deposit

When you need to make a deposit and can't make it to a branch, HomeTown's Mobile Deposit feature is here to help. Download our HomeTown Banking app on your iPhone or Android to take a simple snapshot of your check and the funds will deposit into your account, typically within a couple days! Watch our step-by-step tutorial to unlock this convenient feature.

Text Message Banking

With Text Message Banking, you can receive basic account information via text. You can securely look up your account balances or request to by notified when your balance is low by sending a text command to HomeTown Bank.

Card Valet

Keep your accounts safe and under controlled usage through our new mobile app, CardValet. You can customize this service to send you alerts when your card is swiped in a certain location or with specified merchants and even deactivate your card instantly to provide extra security when you know you won't be using it.

Mobile Wallet

Apple Pay is designed with security in mind so your card number isn’t stored on your device or on Apple servers. When you make a payment, your card numbers are converted to a unique, transaction-specific code so your card numbers aren’t transmitted with the payment or shared with the merchant. Watch how easy it is with this tutorial.

Personal Finance Manager

If you have accounts at multiple financial institutions, switching back and forth between logins can be tedious. Our personal finance management platform allows you to link your HomeTown Bank accounts with other financial accounts for a simple, secure way to get a full picture of your financial status. With just one log in, you can see the status of your accounts, set categories for income and expenses, track spending across accounts, and set financial goals.

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