Local Business Spotlight: Queenpin Family Wellness
August 14, 2018

Local Business Spotlight: Queenpin Family Wellness

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Old Southwest in Downtown Roanoke is known for their tree-lined streets with colorful old Victorian style homes. More and more, the business scene is growing, too. With a boutique hair salon, dog park, and music venue on the same street, the Haven on 5th and their businesses in residence have rounded out this little pocket of the neighborhood. Queenpin Family Wellness is one of the businesses that has been thriving here.

Building Community Wellness

Katie Clifton started Queenpin Family Wellness in 2013 as a sole proprietor with the goal of exposing the natural healing technique of acupuncture to a wider audience. What began in a single room in a building on Grandin Road, has flourished into the complete wellness center we see today. After some expansion in her Grandin Road location, Katie Clifton saw the opportunity to be part of a larger wellness community by teaming up with other local businesses to fill the Haven on 5th. The building hosts Garden Song Eco Cafe, Queenpin Family Wellness, and TerraVie Wellness, a massage therapy and nutrition counseling business.

Katie’s goal is to bring accessible health and wellness to individuals looking for natural solutions like acupunctureherbal medicine, and other non-invasive therapies. With 2 private rooms and one public center for acupuncture treatments, Queenpin Family Wellness now employees 3 acupuncturists to serve a growing roster of clients and they’re not done growing yet.

Queenpin Family Wellness is working hard to expose the Roanoke Valley to the alternative choice of acupuncture and other natural healing techniques through events at the Haven and pop-up events around town. They’ve hosted $15 mini-sessions at places like Sweet Donkey, Parkway Brewing, and Virginia Design Collective as a way to educate curious individuals and remove the stigma of the seemingly mysterious practice. They also recently announced that they’ll be opening a second location in Lexington in the coming months!

Growth doesn’t happen without a strong support system, something that Katie has been thankful to receive from HomeTown Bank since day one. She has taken advantage of the business banking services and personalized customer support since she opened her business in 2013.

“It’s so nice to feel like when you have an issue you know who you can call,” says Katie. “I knew I would get that from a small community bank. Taylor Penn, Lauren Thompson, and Carolyn Dearing are some of the people who have helped me the most and they have just been wonderful.”

Entrepreneurs Never Stop Growing

Beyond Queenpin Family Wellness, Katie plans to continue to use HomeTown Bank for her entrepreneurial adventures. She’s just begun a side project that will also utilize business banking at HomeTown Bank.

If you’re curious about all of the great things that are going on at the Haven on 5th, be sure to swing by for one of their Community Acupuncture Sessions or center events. They often host yoga classes, singing bowl sound baths, and more! Find just a few of their upcoming events on their Facebook page!