Local Business Spotlight: Greenbrier Nurseries
August 9, 2016

Local Business Spotlight: Greenbrier Nurseries

Power of Local
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Greenbrier Nurseries, a nationally recognized plant propagator, grower, and retailer, has retail locations in both Roanoke and Beckley, West Virginia. In 2015, Greenbrier Nurseries experienced the “Power of Local” when they became a HomeTown Bank customer.

Jim Monroe, owner of Greenbrier Nurseries

Jim Monroe, owner of Greenbrier Nurseries

Greenbrier Nurseries’ switch to HomeTown Bank was based on its commitment to a “culture of local.” Not only do they purchase exclusively from small, local businesses, but they also work tirelessly to support the local community and were one of the first companies to get involved and lead the relief effort after the recent and devastating flooding in West Virginia. “We only bank with local banks where the money and personal effort stays close to home,” said Jim Monroe, owner of Greenbrier Nurseries. “HomeTown Bank is the most community-centric bank in Roanoke and perfect partner for our banking needs.”

Local Banking Benefits

The needs of local businesses are a primary focus for HomeTown Bank. For Greenbrier Nurseries, the personalized service that HomeTown Bank provides has proven to be a huge factor.

Greenbrier Nurseries visits a branch nearly every day and the level of service remains consistent. “The personal service is excellent, from management to the teller line,” Monroe said. “At HomeTown, you are not a bank account number,” Monroe continues, “everyone is engaged in what Greenbrier Nurseries is doing here in the local community and is very supportive.”

True “Power of Local”

As a local company, Greenbrier Nurseries relies on its banking partner so it can focus on growing its business. Beyond personalized, concierge-level service, HomeTown Bank clients like Greenbrier Nurseries can also expect local decision making, free business checking, and merchant services.

“HomeTown Bank offers everything that you could get from a large, corporate bank but with local expertise and caring people, Monroe said. “I can’t say enough good things about who has assembled the team of people that work there. I have been so impressed with everyone that we encounter throughout the management levels. Knowing that the money is staying in our local economy instead of going to shareholders in another part of the country is huge for us. If everyone kept their banking local, the things that could be accomplished in Roanoke would be beyond amazing.”