Employee Spotlight: Keith St. Peter
March 13, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Keith St. Peter

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One of our promises that we fulfill for our customers is delivering national strength banking products and services with friendly, localized customer service and community support. When you think of HomeTown Bank, you often think of the smiling faces greeting you at the door or the excitement of discovering all of the bells and whistles available through our online banking and mobile app. But you may not think about what happens behind the scenes, which is exactly what happens at the forefront of Keith St. Peter’s day-to-day.

As Network and Telephony Manager, Keith St. Peter manages and maintains the networks that our tellers, bankers, and customer service representatives use to deliver the top level customer care you expect.

Keith As The Troubleshooting Master…

Managing a region-spanning network is no simple task, but Keith embraces the challenge each day as he arrives at work with his wife, Lindsay. Keith joined the team 6 years ago after hearing about the opportunity through one of HomeTown Bank’s vendors.

“I was new to my particular field when I started at HomeTown and have grown tremendously in the past 6 years,” says Keith about his tenure here. “I attribute a lot of that to the great support system that provided me with the opportunity to succeed.”

Keith immediately took to the people surrounding him at HomeTown Bank, comparing it to a family, where everyone is willing to help out. Working here gives he and his coworkers great pride knowing he’s supporting an organization that has a reputation for supporting the surrounding community. In fact, participating in HomeTown Bank’s community events is one of his favorite things about his position.

Keith As A Roanoker…

As mentioned, Keith thoroughly enjoys spending time with his coworkers, but especially one coworker in particular, his wife! He met Lindsay through working at HomeTown Bank amongst other important people in his life. Though they work in different departments, they get the chance to spend time together by strolling over to the coffee shop for a morning cup of joe and going hiking with their dog, Lacy, on the weekends! Together, they embrace the amenities in the region that allow for an active, outdoors lifestyle. That’s why he would choose #adventurer as his personal hashtag.

His favorite part about Roanoke? The seasons! Though winter isn’t the greatest, he feels that we are lucky we get to experience all of the seasons through the year.