HomeTown Fun Fridays
October 19, 2017

HomeTown Fun Fridays

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TGIF! First Fridays! Friday Night Lights! HomeTown Fun Fridays!

All of these concepts have two things in common:

1. They make Fridays rock.

2. HomeTown Bank solidly supports them.

If you walk into any given bank on any given Friday afternoon, you’ll likely to find people depositing their checks, withdrawing money for the weekend, or coming to see their favorite banker. (We find the last one happens regularly at our branches.) But something you may not find at every bank is a team of bankers and tellers dressed up or dressed down to get excited for their favorite weekend sporting event or to support a local community cause.

Even though Fridays are technically still the work week, we like to think that they’re a preview for how the weekend may go. That’s why we like to instill a little excitement and fun into Fridays. Here are some of the great ways that HomeTown Bank branches have made Fridays more fun:

Casual Friday

In an effort to dress down AND benefit the community, employees can make a donation to the HomeTown Community Fund in exchange for wearing jeans on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Friday of the month. This program was launched with a lot of success in 2015 and has accumulated into a decent pot of money that we look forward to donating to a local organization.

Football Friday

The South Roanoke Branch recently celebrated with a Friday campout with a campfire, tent, and some great fall treats to encourage people to “fall into banking local.”

Home Runs at HomeTown

Back in the thick of the Salem Red Sox’s baseball season, the Salem branch celebrated Memorial Day and promoted the Refer A Friend program with baseball game ticket giveaways! The team set up a full concession stand for customers and invited them to take a photo in the “Hall of Fame” frame.

Upcoming Fun

Even if it’s just a tray of cookies, we’re always trying new ways to spice up a Friday, so we hope you’ll join us one Friday soon! In the meantime, check out our Instagram to follow along on all of the fun we have every other day of the week!