HomeTown Bank and The Welcome Basket Invite You To Be A Good Neighbor!
September 3, 2018

HomeTown Bank and The Welcome Basket Invite You To Be A Good Neighbor!

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As a community bank, we like to think being neighborly comes naturally! With locations close to each major neighborhood in the region, we do our best to connect to the people closest to us – which is where The Welcome Basket’s Good Neighbor Game comes in! September 28 is National Good Neighbor Day and The Welcome Basket and HomeTown Bank invite you to celebrate all month long!

About The Welcome Basket

To know more about the Good Neighbor Game, it’s important to know about the local business that is organizing such a great effort! The Welcome Basket has spent the last three years greeting new residents to Southwest Virginia, right at their doorsteps!

These days, it’s a lot more common for neighbors to keep to themselves. You see fewer “welcome to the neighborhood” brownies coming from next door, but The Welcome Basket is trying to bring that feeling back. They deliver a basket to people who have moved to a new neighborhood that is packed with promotional resources from local businesses that are waiting to connect with their new neighbors! In each basket you can find brochures from local businesses about services they may need as a new residents – like a community bank 😉 – and other goodies from local businesses.

It serves as a great way for businesses to reach out to new people in the community and for people who have moved here from out of town to become more familiar with our area!

How to Play The Good Neighbor Game

In an effort to expand their good will to the rest of the community, The Welcome Basket is encouraging everyone in the Roanoke Valley to put their best foot forward at being good neighbors with a fun social media selfie contest! The #GoodNeighborGame selfie contest invites you to visit local businesses and snap a photo or do something neighborly!

People who are interested in participating must register on The Welcome Basket website with their email, Facebook ID and/or Instagram handle. Registering these accounts will help the Welcome Basket track your participation points. In order to collect points, you must visit one of the “Selfie Spots” listed below and take a selfie!

To earn 10 points, you must include the following in your selfie post:

  1. tag – @TheWelcomeBasket
  2. tag – the place where the selfie is taken – this will be a Welcome Basket Sponsor (i.e. Polished, Deschutes, HomeTown Bank, etc.) A list of selfie spots can be found at www.thewelcomebasketva.com/good-neighbor-game-selfie-spots
  3. And finally – use the hashtag #GoodNeighborGame.

You can also earn points by being neighborly! Open the door for someone or help someone carry their groceries? Snap a photo and post with the following tags:

1. @TheWelcomeBasket

2. #GoodNeighborGame

3. #BeNeighborly

You can find the rest of the prizes, additional rules, and a way to earn double points on The Welcome Basket’s website!

On September 28, National Good Neighbor Day, you’re invited to the Game Finale Celebration at the Deschutes Tasting room in Downtown Roanoke. From 6 PM – 10 PM the winners will be announced and prizes will be rewarded.

So in the wise words of Mr. Rogers, “Won’t you be my neighbor?”