How HomeTown Bank Can Help You Bank Smarter This Year
December 22, 2016

How HomeTown Bank Can Help You Bank Smarter This Year

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There’s never a better time to spruce up your finances than the first of a new year! Beginning your next trip around the sun with a stable financial plan and plenty of support can make a big difference in your wallet for the rest of the year.

Often times, where you bank can make or break your ability to reach these goals. At a big bank, you can get lost in a sea of customers when you need support the most or get bogged down by surprise fees and unnecessary charges. That’s why HomeTown Bank wants to make it simple for you start the year off right by switching to better banking at your neighborhood branch; all while checking off your list of financial goals.

Here’s how HomeTown can help you bank better in 2017:



Resolution: Stop Wasting Money on Bank Fees

HomeTown Solution: HomeTown Free Checking

When we say free, we mean it! Our free checking doesn’t have any fine print conditions or base requirements. When you switch, you’ll receive your debit card and box of checks at no extra cost. Your account comes with a free monthly statement, free mobile and telephone banking, and we even offer free notary and coin counting services!

Bonus: Just because our branches are local, doesn’t mean you have to be. We waive your ATM fees at non-HomeTown machines up to $10 every month!


Resolution: Build Up My Savings

HomeTown Solution: HomeTown Goal Setter Savings

Most New Years resolutions kick off the year in full force, but life always has a way of taking our eyes off the prize. Our Goal Setter Savings Account option is designed to keep your savings progress on track by allowing you to program an automatic transfer from your checking to your savings on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis. You can start off with just a $50 deposit and watch your balance grow with ease.

Bonus: Your savings account can serve as your overdraft protection when linked to your checking account so you can swipe your card without fear of a negative balance.


Resolution: Keep Better Track of My Finances

HomeTown Solution: HomeTown’s Our Cash Flow

Financial fitness takes the mastery of a lot of moving parts. Whether you’re needing help balancing your checking and budgeting your income and expenses or monitoring your savings and investments, getting to the big picture can pose a challenge. That’s why HomeTown Bank’s online banking features a personal finance management dashboard.

Our all-in-one platform allows you to see all of your accounts in one place. You can track your income and expenses by category, program budgets, and set financial goals. You can set up charts and graphs to watch your financial position progress and set up customized alerts when balances get low or payments are due. HomeTown’s financial management dashboard will help you sleep easy at night.

Bonus: You can add just about any account outside of HomeTown Bank that has online banking to your dashboard. When we say the big picture, we mean it!


Resolution: Support Local

HomeTown Solution: HomeTown Bank’s Switch Kit

As a community bank with six locations across the region, our home is your home. We make supporting our community and those that live there our priority. Our team of bankers are all just a call or car ride away. Our loan decisions are made locally, meaning we get to know our applicants thoroughly and make decisions quickly. And our commitment to serving the community means you can find us volunteering at local events or hosting a shred day.

Our free, comprehensive Switch Kit helps you conquer the roadblocks that have prevented you from switching over. In one simple download, it outlines what you need to do to open a new account, automate deposits and payments, log in to online banking, and even close your old account! Taking this step with the help of your friendly, new banker will have you sighing in relief at the end of 2017 when looking back at how far you’ve come.

Bonus: We’ll make this download easy for you. Here’s the link!

Breaking away from your old bank just became a walk in the park. We look forward to taking that walk with you!