Employee Spotlight: Amanda Gilbert
August 19, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Amanda Gilbert

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While many may associate HomeTown Bank with Roanoke – cue the skyline panorama – we also have deep roots in the New River Valley and on Smith Mountain Lake. Amanda Gilbert, Branch Manager and Vice President of our Smith Mountain Lake branch is a big part of those roots! She’s been with us for 10 wonderful years and truly embraces living on the “Jewel of the Blue Ridge” that is Smith Mountain Lake.

After working at a larger bank at the start of her banking career, she grew tired of the big bank culture and jumped on the opportunity to apply for a position at the then-new Smith Mountain Lake branch. The rest is history!

“Once hired, it was exciting the be part of something new,” says Amanda.” To not only work for a company that didn’t make me feel like a number, but to reiterate a culture of inclusiveness and appreciation.”

Celebrating Customer Successes

Because of her position, Amanda gets to touch the lives of every person that comes through the branch doors. With a strong focus on the customer experience and the desire to be a part of something bigger, Amanda defines a successful day as a day where she can help someone. There are endless opportunities to celebrate successes, whether it’s helping someone buy their first car or helping a recent widow through a time of transition to a more simplified financial situation.

“HomeTown has taught me that it’s about the relationships as opposed to focusing on sales goals. If you treat people right and develop relationships, you won’t have to ask for the business. They will bring it to you,” says Amanda.

In fact, her favorite memory with HomeTown Bank was a customer appreciation event at the lake. With a bluegrass band accompanying a beautiful view and plenty of food on the grill for customers, the relationships forged only got stronger.

“Everyone had a grand time and I was able to show off my flat footing dance skills!” says Amanda, reminiscing. She goes on to add that seeing strong women in leadership, such as CEO Susan Still, is an incredibly inspiring piece of her day to day work.

Outside of the Branch

If Amanda’s life was summed up in one hashtag, it would #workhardplayharder. When she’s not building relationships with customer’s she’s known for over a decade, she’s enjoying the beautiful place she gets to call home. Living on the lake, it’s hard to resist not getting out on the water every chance you get! It’s especially enjoyable when she gets to spend time with her boyfriend and German Shepherd pup, Ouiser!

“We can often be found at a local brewery, hiking, or sitting by the campfire looking out over the lake,” says Amanda. She also enjoys taking in the horizons of the places she travels. “I make a point to travel at least once a year to a destination that I’ve never visited and embrace a new culture or discover hidden gems in a new city.”

Needless to say, Amanda Gilbert has a thirst for life and helping the people in her life, which is something we look for in each and every HomeTown Bank employee!