Business Savings

Business Savings

Save today, grow tomorrow! A solid business savings account is the key to building a financial foundation for your business. HomeTown Bank has several savings account options for businesses of all shapes and sizes. You work hard every day, let us help make sure your dollars work hard for you.

Business Savings

Our go-to business savings account let's you stash your cash safely, with ease of access in mind. With a surprisingly low $300 balance to avoid a $5 monthly fee plus overdraft protection capabilities, you can rest assured that you'll have a cushion to fall back on.

High Yield Business Money Market

Diversify your secure savings options with an account that offers liquidity and a competitive rate of return. With our tiered interest rates, the higher qualifying balance you have, the maximum interest you receive. While your funds grow, you can still access them when you withdraw from your local branch or ATM.

Premier Money Market Sweep

Put your excess cash to work. When paired with a business checking account, your Premier Money Market Sweep will invest your excess balance into an interest-bearing, FDIC-insured sweep account.

Business Certificates of Deposit

Lock in a great interest rate with flexible terms that are ideal for growing your business's overhead. Choose a maturity that works best for your business, ranging from 30 days to 5 years. For your convenience, you will be notified when your CD matures and will automatically renew if untouched after a 7 day grace period.


For businesses interested in higher FDIC insurance coverage for CD or money market products, we offer a few options. CDARS® provides FDIC coverage on CDs up to $50 million. When you work directly with HomeTown Bank, you'll receive a wide range of maturity options, a monthly statement detailing your balance, and a single 1099 on your investment.

ICS℠ (Insured Cash Sweep)

With an ICS, you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection on your savings deposits. HomeTown will put excess balances to work in an interest-bearing savings account, allowing you to withdraw funds up to 6 times per month.

Federal regulation allows unlimited in-person and ATM withdrawals on all savings and money market accounts. However, regulations limit pre-authorized automatic or telephone transfers or withdrawals to six per month. Fees may apply for exceeding transaction limits.

HomeTown Bank Benefits

Mobile Banking

The convenience of HomeTown Bank is available anytime, anywhere with HomeTown Mobile Banking. Our mobile site, smartphone Apps, and special features like text alerts and Apple Pay make managing your cashflow simple with just a few swipes on your screen. Best of all, it’s free, safe, and secure!

QuickBooks Connection

Seamlessly integrate your QuickBooks account with your HomeTown Bank accounts. Our QuickBooks direct connect service provides a secure and reliable connection, with regular and automatic transaction updates. Once a connection is established, QuickBooks can receive transactions without requiring additional bank sign-in information - saving you time!

Overdraft Protection

Our overdraft protection options provide our customers with the peace of mind they need to use their accounts with confidence. When you connect a savings account or business line of credit to your checking account, you can rest assured that if by chance your balance is too low for a transaction, you'll be safe from a denied payment or overdraft fee.


Keep your space clutter-free and more secure when you go digital with our free e-statements that feature the same details as your traditional paper statement. You can access them from anywhere with your online banking log in and securely archive them for future reference.

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